A config will always approach perfection
1 min |  Ross Jacobs |  July 7, 2019

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Quicklinks: Wireshark Config Profiles | Customization

Custom Configuration

Tshark, like Wireshark, uses a preferences file. A different preference file or keys can be specified with flags.

Command Does
tshark -C /path/to/config Uses custom configuration file
tshark -o key:value Overrides the specified preferences key

Add Tshark Alias

Aliases allow you to define default behavior or multiple sets of behavior.

Custom Config Alias

If you want to launch tshark with a custom configuration once in a blue moon, you could add an alias for it:

alias tshark-bluemoon='tshark -C BlueConfig -o BlueKey:BlueVal'


To always enable color, add a line to your .profile or .bashrc:

echo "alias tshark='tshark --color'" >> ~/.profile

For more information, check out Tshark Colorized.