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Wouldn't it be nice if X article were written?
2 min |  Ross Jacobs |  August 8, 2019

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Quicklinks: tshark.dev

This is a long wish list of things I’d like to have documented here. If you feel brave, take one of the items and turn it into an issue with label “write content”.

If a heading has a slash at the end, that means it’s a folder; otherwise it’s a file.

Write New Content


  • Document -p -I (monitor/promiscuous mode) usage


  • Document Timestamps (–time-stamp-type, –list-time-stamp-types, -t (all opts), -u (all opts))


  • Document tshark -G, –elastic-mapping-filter
    • -G column-formats dump column format codes and exit
    • -G decodes dump “layer type”/“decode as” associations and exit
    • -G dissector-tables dump dissector table names, types, and properties
    • -G fieldcount dump count of header fields and exit
    • -G fields dump fields glossary and exit
    • -G ftypes dump field type basic and descriptive names
    • -G heuristic-decodes dump heuristic dissector tables
    • -G plugins dump installed plugins and exit
    • -G protocols dump protocols in registration database and exit
    • -G values dump value, range, true/false strings and exit
    • -G currentprefs dump current preferences and exit
    • -G defaultprefs dump default preferences and exit
    • -G folders dump about:folders
  • Document tshark -z (it’s a long list, run tshark -z ? to see all)


  • Document -V/-O
  • Document -P (print even when writing), -q, -Q
  • Document tshark -T (section), -T ?
    • Document tshark -T fields. Include data on -E.
    • Document tshark -T json/jsonraw/–no-duplicate-keys
    • Document tshark -T pdml/psml
    • Document tshark -T ek/tabs
    • (better) Document -x (and interoperability with other options), -T text, which is the same
    • Document -j/-J
    • Document -e <field> vs. display filters


  • Removing duplicate packets: -d, -D, -w, -I –skip-radiotap-header


  • -i <seconds per file>, -c <packets per file> (perhaps merge with mergecap for a “splitting and merging”)


  • editcap -T <encapsulation type>
  • editcap time adjustments (-S, -t)
  • Document –capture-comment


  • Document editcap and decryption: –inject-secrets <secrets type>,<file> –discard-all-secrets
  • Document Decoding as with -d <layer>:port/name. Should be in same article as –enable-protocol/–disable-protocol

Need research to figure out where these go

  • Document –enable-heuristic/–disable-heuristic
  • tshark -B <buffer size>
  • editcap -v verbosity
  • tshark -M
  • tshark -g
  • tshark -U <tap name>

Add to Existing Content


  • Add demonstration of decrease in file size along with a scenario where there is traffic you care about


  • Document tshark -l (goes with Pipe info)


  • editcap fuzzing example (-E, –seed, -o)


  • Removing content with -s <snaplen>, -L, -C