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2 min |  Ross Jacobs |  July 7, 2019

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Writing Content

If you want to help write content, I created a long wishlist of things I would like better documented or at all.


The README on the Github repo is a good place to start.

If you want to bring up an issue about a page or the site generally.

  • Create an Issue: If you are familiar with github, you can create an issue on the repo.

There are many equivalent ways of doing this, depending on your communication style:

  • Edit this page: Every page has a link in the upper right corner that can click on to see the page in github.
  • Comment: At the bottom of every article, there is a comments section that is tied to github issues.
  • Email: If you do not want to use github, you can interact with the contributors by emailing tshark_dev[АТ] This will make a github issue that functions like an email chain from your perspective.
  • Contact: If you do not want your issue to be public, you can contact me directly at rj[АТ]

Become a Patron!

Support this website to get a link to a pdf that stays current with new content.


These are a few ways that you can contribute back to Wireshark: