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Generate packets with your favorite programming language
2 min |  Ross Jacobs |  March 3, 2019

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Quicklinks: Scapy | PacketFu | GoPacket | Pcap4J

When talking about packet generation, it is important to distinguish between low and high-level networking libraries. Every serious language has a library to interact with sockets directly. Shown here are libraries that provide an interface for scripting with protocol primitives like IP, TCP, and HTTP.

Each example will send a ping, the packet crafting equivalent of “Hello World!".

Crafting libraries

Interpreted languages like Python and Ruby can be convenient because packet generation can be interactive.

Bash: various

If an easy shell solution exists, KISS. Generate traffic with netcat, ping, hping, etc. and save with tshark.

function save_ping() {
    tshark -w ping.pcap -f "host" -c 1
    ping -c 1

Python: scapy

To install, pip install scapy.

from scapy.all import *
ans, unans = sr(IP(dst="")/ICMP()/"Scapy is easy!")
# Write the ping and its reply to a file

Run with python Sending traffic with scapy is extremely easy!

If you do not send data with icmp like "Scapy is easy!" above, Scapy won’t compute checksums and Wireshark will complain.

If you want to live-capture with scapy [it should be possible]](/capture/sources/downloading_file#scapy) on systems with tail.

Scapy Resources

Ruby: PacketFu

PacketFu does not have mindshare and you have to build the documentation. If ruby is not a hard requirement, life will be easier with a different library.

Install PacketFu with gem install packetfu.

This script will send the ping to the wire.

# send_ping.rb
require 'packetfu'

# Using :config prepoulates eth_src, eth_dst, and ip_src with system values.
icmp_pkt = => PacketFu::Utils.whoami?)
icmp_pkt.icmp_type = 8
icmp_pkt.icmp_code = 0
icmp_pkt.payload = "PacketFu is easy!"

# Write the generated ping to a file

Run with sudo ruby send_ping.rb. Sudo is required here to capture.

go: gopacket

gopacket is the golang library to send packets onto the wire, maintained by Google. Gopacket analysis is a great tutorial to start with.

java: pcap4j

pcap4j is the library for choice for packet crafting in Java. Packet capturing with Java is a great place to start, in addition to the Official examples.